We welcome new members! Our pipers and drummers hail from all over northeastern Wisconsin and meet in Appleton every Wednesday night (7-9:00 p.m.) for practice. If you just moved to the area, want to get back into playing, or would like to learn to play, call our pipe major (Bruce Danielson, 920-921-5796) or band president (Scott Prentice, 920216-5579) to connect and get more information.

New to piping/drumming? The band will provide free lessons in beginning piping and lessons in Scottish drumming (drummers should have already learned basic drumming skills) with the understanding that students will eventually play with the band and audition for membership. Please contact the pipe major (Bruce Danielson, 920-921-5796) for more information.

Buying bagpipes: Piping instruction starts with learning the fingering, notation and embellishments on a practice chanter (something like a recorder). It is not recommended that the student purchase a set of pipes right away. Bruce can provide information about selecting pipes and reputable dealers.